Hilarious Pranks Against Phone Scammers From Youtube

Posted by Admin Under Scam on March 6, 2019

Phone scammers are everywhere and there seems to be no end for their scheming ways of exploiting peoples ignorance. One of these scams that get reported on our site is the infamous "Microsoft Tech Support" scam. These scam should feel familiar for those people who already encountered or received a call from these scammers but for those who don't know, the scam begin by you receiving a call from someone claiming to be from "Microsoft Technical Support". The caller typically have heavy accent with a westernize name.

But there are people out there in Youtube who go through all the effort of wasting these scammers time by annoying and frustrating them in the hope of keeping them away from victimizing the innocent. Here's a good one from PrettyPranks.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend you do these pranks it's better to just hung up the call when you get one. These are just for entertainment purposes only. Remember that these people are criminals and it's never a good idea to taunt one.

And another one against an impatient credit card scammer.