Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I seeing the number instead of the name in the caller id section?

We don't have data for such number as of this moment yet but we are constantly updating our database. One reason could be that some would be scammers and wrongdoers tend to use number that is spoofed and may perhaps be not in service. We can't guarantee 100% data coverage.

What phone numbers format are supported?

For now we only have data's from US and Canada phone numbers.

What is Quick tagging?

Quick tagging is a feature we added in order for users to quickly tag the nature of the call they are receiving with just a simple click of a button. We mask your ips for your privacy alternately you can also a feedback for a much detailed review.

How do I comment anonymously?

You can leave the comment form name input blank also you will have the 'Anonymous' avatar. You are also free to input your name or handle and we'll give you a letter avatar for it.:)

How do I remove my phone number from this site?

Fill in the opt-out and we'll process your request as soon as we can.

My number is spoofed and it is receiving bad reviews in the comment section.

Share your side and clarification on the comment section and contact us via the opt-out form.