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(647) 451-6586


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Posted by: Anonymous
May 19, 2020
Texted me:

Hey babe this is Richard daddy. Daddy will email you a cheque for $1600 which you can deposit it in 2 min using your phone mobile banking app. After depositing it I want you to send me $1000 back and keep $600 to yourself for talking and listening to daddy. That helps me with tax expenses. The $1000 back can be send in cash from a special atm near you or we can figure out something else. I don’t need any banking info. We can do this a couple of times and you earn $600 easily each time?
Posted by: Anonymous
May 13, 2020
This person messaged me as "Richard Daddy" stating he would send me a cheque to deposit for $1600 if I transferred him back $1000 right away, asking me to transfer it through bit coin. Knowing cheques take a few days to process and clear - I rejected this offer as he wanted the money transferred asap after the "cheque" deposited into my account.

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