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(469) 242-3435

Carrier:Mcleodusa Telecommunications Services
Service Type: Landline

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Posted by: Anonymous
May 9, 2020
Unsolicited caller claimed to be a real estate broker in Dallas with a rental offer for my Destinos Unlimited Vida Vacations membership timeshare weeks in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. It's a fraudulent rental agreement program requiring a wire transfer of maintenance/usage fees to a non-resort bank account in Mexico in order to close the deal. The responsible parties impersonated a Vida Vacations employee, are very well organized with extensive inside information, convincing documents/emails/websites and seemingly legitimate real estate and escrow partner companies in the U.S. (International Travel Services and Empire Title & Escrow) that are registered with government agencies in their respective states. FTC and scam reporting websites have many slight variations of this pitch. Owners beware! Don't walk, run away!
Posted by: Anonymous
March 25, 2020
They called me saying they were a travel agency specialized on renting shared times, they seemed so professional and respectful but I found this was a scam

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