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(315) 888-2113

Location:Amber,New York
Carrier:Finger Lakes Technologies Group
Service Type: Landline

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2600:387:8:11::b5 Tagged as Scammer 1 month ago
2601:cc:4381:3ac0:e0cf:8b5:cf41:306a Tagged as Scammer 2 months ago
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Posted by: Anonymous
June 26, 2020
Caller said he was from suspicious activity desk at Amazon, and that charges had appeared on my Amazon account from other states. I said that's interesting I'm looking at my bank account information right now and there is no such activity and he became very argumentative, saying that I need you to fill out a form to recover the money from my account. I asked him just exactly who he was trying to reach and at what address and he couldn't provide any such information like my name or my correct address.
Posted by: Anonymous
June 26, 2020
Caller said

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