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(208) 297-6164

Carrier:Eltopia Communications
Service Type: Landline

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2600:1:960d:4064:5960:c491:d8f3:e18e Tagged as Harassing / Annoying 1 week ago
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Posted by: K
June 24, 2020
2082976164 has called at least once a week for the past few months, but I never answer the phone if I don't know who is calling. The first few messages from 2082976164
were identical in words and inflection, so a recording: a woman using the name "Julie" would nicely ask me to call her back at a different phone number. The last couple messages from 2082976164 was also a recording, this time a man saying in a deadpan voice that the message was for "[robotic insert and incorrect pronunciation of my name] and regarding a legally required noticed", then he asks me to call him back at a different, third phone number.

It sounds like a debt collector. But I don't pay on debts of I don't know what they are from, and these people are failing to give ANY details about what their calls are for. I won't call back in case they are fraudulent.

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Tagged by Anonymous as Harassing / Annoying on June 24, 2020


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